9 Career Opportunities at Sarah A. Reed Childrens Center

ERIE, PA16506
Full-time Therapist in Residential Treatment Program - Main Campus. Responsibilities include: child and family therapy, group therapy, psycho-social evaluations/intake interviews, clinical consultation, treatment planning and crisis intervention. Master's degree with clinical internship or practicum required

Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center is seeking the ideal candidate to provide grounds-keeping and minor maintenance services for our main agency and, on occasion, our off-site locations.

Laundry Aide (On-call)
ERIE, PA16506
Sarah Reed Children's Center is seeking an on-call employee to assist with residential laundry services!

Provide supervision, guidance and direction to children and youth in classrooms/building, Refocus Rooms, and LIFT buses during transportation. Plan and conduct therapeutic activities, encourage positive behaviors and interactions with peers and adults, and promote daily living skills, pro-social skills, and non-aggressive problem-solving. Partner with a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of each child's treatment plan. Document client notes in electronic health record throughout the day.

Teacher (Certified)
ERIE, PA16508
This position provides formal educational instruction for students within a partial hospitalization program setting.

The Behavior Counselor will work in our alternative education program to provide students with individual counseling, peer conflict resolution, tutoring, and behavior re-focusing.

Clinical Care Aide monitors children and adolescents in the Residential Program during overnight hours and provides assistance to the first shift staff in helping supervise and support the children in the completion of morning routines. Additional $2.00/hr. Residential Program pay differential.

We currently have internship and practicum opportunities at our Alternative Education, Partial Hospitalization, and Residential Treatment program.

Full-time and Part-time positions available! Staff provide direct care and supervision of children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges. Conduct Sanctuary® -based group activities for social and emotional development of children ages 5-18 in campus residential treatment setting. Additional $2.00/hour program differential!